Decorating Ideas for the modern Trans- Tasman home

Today’s consumer is looking for fast, affordable and convenient ways of decorating their home. Wall sticker and Wall decals are a great way to add value to your home and living spaces. It can bring to life your room, living space and furniture and cabinet. The opportunities are endless with decals, vinyl wall stickers and 3d digital prints to bring character and uniqueness into their home.

Decorating your interiors with cute and funny wall stickersdecals or wall art images is to great way to present your home for any occasion. 247 Bargain Buy aims to provide Kiwis and Aussies great ideas for decorating their home and bringing it to life. We would also love feedback on products you would like to see. We love a bargain and we love our homes and living spaces and want to proudly showcase its uniqueness. This article will regularly be updated with fresh content.

Another great way to decorate your home is to use laser lights. Laser lights provide a glittering ambient lighting for parties or festive occasions. Cosmos laser lights are a great way to create a vibrant light show for viewing entertainment. A real fun experience for kids to experience astronomy, a vibrant lighting experience for parties and perfect for couple to experience a romantic evening indoors by bringing the universe into their homes.

Laser lights can also be used outdoors on festive occasions. The Christmas Lights Projector is perfect for a hassle free and affordable Christmas experience. We all know how difficult and possibly unsafe it is to climb up ladders to hang Christmas lights. The thought of having to do this could actually take the fun out of Christmas. With the Christmas Lights Projector, pictures move automatically creating a fun and vibrant experience for the family and guests through Christmas. It can be used inside the house as well and coupled with Cosmos laser lights could be perfect for a happening party.

Whilst on the topic of Christmas, a decoration you use in your home is a Dream Catcher. It symbolises unity among various American native cultures as well as protection for infants and children, The Dream Catcher also allows you to add sacred items like beads or feathers. The modern day Dream Catcher is widely marketed as a native crafts item and hugely popular as a home decor ornament, a gift idea for friends and family, or a perfect Christmas tree accessory.

A nice way to bring mystery and romance into your home is through the two tone magical moon lamp. With both white and yellow lighting colour it is the perfect solution to bring a lighting experience second to none to your home. Experience the magic of the moon in your living spaces.

A often neglected portion of the house when searching for decor solutions is the toilet. Getting up in the middle of the night to use the toilet can result in loss of a good sleep through injuring yourself searching for the light or having the bright light of the toilet ruin your sleep. Fortunately the motion activated toilet night light provides a smart and simple solution for a very common problem. This battery operated night light emits a light glow in one of 8 colours when you come close to the toilet and turns off when you leave. No longer do you need to lose sleep by turning on bright lights at night. It is easy to clean and energy saving as well.

Lifestyle Products to bring ease and convenience to our everyday lives

When travelling, suitcases can occupy a lot of space. A possible solution is a foldable storage bag. It is perfect for road trips as it is easy to carry, foldable to help you save space and its transparent design makes it easy to locate items. The multipurpose bag can also be used as an organiser at home. It can be used to organise clothes, quilts and toys in a tidy manner.

How often do you wish you had something you could just conveniently stick your most frequently used items to and remove it just as easily when you don’t need it. You could use this multipurpose intelligently designed sticky gel pad designed to secure anything anywhere. Stick in your car or wall at home and mount your mobile phone and gps.

How often worn out soles on shoes have resulted in a hole in your pocket. You just cracked the sole in your shoe and you are depressed because you cannot buy a new one and you are stuck with a broken shoe that embarrasses you everything you cross your feet. You avoid going to social occasions because you are embarrassed to show your broken shoes. You do not need to do that anymore as stick on shoe repair is an affordable way of fixing the problem. You do not need to buy a new shoe everytime your sole gets worn out. You just need a new sticky sole to repair the worn out one. After all websites like 247 bargain buy  are all about finding cost effective solutions to common problems.

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