Magnetic Phone Holder

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Material: Aluminum Alloy
Colour: Black and Silver
Compatibility: Universal


  1. Universal compatibility, suitable for almost all smartphones of all sizes
  2.  Super strong magnetic properties to protect your smartphone  from falling
  3. Convenient to use and effortless to mount. Just stick the adhesive disk to the back of your phone and place it on the magnetic disk mounted in the car
  4. Sticks to any flat surface, Use it in the kitchen to watch Netflix while cooking, or just mount it on your bedroom wall and binge watch shows while relaxing on the bed
  5. Multipurpose functionality. Its strong magnetic properties enable it to be a holder for most mettalic items. Use it as a key chain holder.
  6. Free Shipping in NZ and Australia, Shipping time: 7-25 business days

Package Included:
1 x Magnetic Steel Sheet for Phone Holder

Note: Accessory only! Smartphone is not included! Please specify colour you want to purchase at checkout.

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